Ohio St lacrosse team checked for muscle condition


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Ohio State officials say six members of the women's lacrosse team were admitted to the university medical center with symptoms of a muscle condition that can lead to kidney damage.

The university says the students were admitted Friday with symptoms of rhabdomyolysis (RAB-doh-meye-ahl-i-sis), a breakdown of muscle fibers that leads to fiber contents into the bloodstream.

The admissions came after a student complained of feeling ill and medical staff evaluated the team, with the six referred for evaluation and treatment.

Two players have been discharged. The others are in fair condition.

Last year, 13 Iowa football players were hospitalized for the same disorder, blamed on a team workout.

A number of risk factors are associated with rhabdomyolysis, including severe exertion, heatstroke, low phosphate levels and substance abuse.