Giroux shines as MVP candidate for Flyers

DAN GELSTON AP Sports Writer Published:

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- The clip has become a replayed classic. Former Philadelphia Flyers general manager Bobby Clarke was at the podium and set to announce the team's first-round pick in the 2006 NHL draft.

Then he blanked.

"Philadelphia selects, from Gatineau of the Quebec Junior League," Clarke paused, looked down at some paper, then glanced off to the side for some help. "I forget."

When the chuckles died down, Clarke made the announcement: Claude Giroux.

The blooper hit No. 3 on TSN's Top 10 draft moments in all sports in a segment aired before the All-Star game fantasy draft. It's about the only time Clarke, who led the Flyers to their only two championships in 1974-75, would ever be included in the same highlight reel as Deion Sanders and Yao Ming.

It's easy to look back and laugh these days. After all, no one around the league is forgetting Giroux's name this season.