Vivienne Westwood travels the world at Paris show

THOMAS ADAMSON AP Fashion Writer Published:

PARIS (AP) -- "Global exotic," is how English designer Vivienne Westwood described her brilliant and wacky spring-summer 2013 show, hosted on terra mater in Paris' British Embassy.

Westwood is the only designer on the Paris fashion calendar -- or perhaps anywhere -- who can travel the globe across several centuries, mixing up Bangkok-style catwomen, Chinese tea prints, tropical cowboys, Velasquez peasants, the Ballets Russes, and Queen Elizabeth II, and still produce a coherent and unified show.

It's owed to her unique eccentricity.

Westwood cited Sergei Diaghilev's "Ballets Russes" -- the early 20th century's most famous ballet company -- as a key inspiration.

The influential troupe used exotic styles with billowing trousers and turbans -- which was evoked in many of the baggy globe-trotting looks.

One of the nicest looks came in a series of modified Japanese kimonos.

One in light gray silk, with wide bateau collar, had fluttering hoop panels that fluttered by.

Above all else, Westwood -- who's 71 -- has lost none of her humor.

There was a special guest star -- a model portraying Queen Elizabeth II. She clutched a handbag in a crown and demure gray silk dress. In this cameo, unlike in the Olympic Games opening ceremony in which a queen look-a-like parachuted into the main stadium, the model just walked in through the embassy door.


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